/// RIP [out of nothing] /// (2009 - 2015) >>> long live /// [out of nothing] ///

>>> You may now interact with all 8 digital issues of /// [out of nothing] /// via Conifer. Thank you to Rhizome.org for hosting this archive, and to everyone associated with this project for their contributions to its various experiments.

>>> Still In Print >>>

#0 /// theoretical perspectives on the substance preceding [nothing] /// $12 USD >>> Read a review >>> Purchase via Bookshop.org

[out of nothing] was an electronic publication featuring new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media.

[out of nothing] was published in online installments, on an irregular but roughly semiannual seasonal basis that nevertheless remained chronically TBD. Each issue was theme-based, and was introduced by a special M.C.; or, emcee. Occasional print anthologies were also envisioned, and, in one instance, executed.

[out of nothing] was edited by Janice Lee, Eric Lindley & Joe Milazzo.