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"he rocks back and forth in a trance,
eyes rolling in his head"
­­ Barbara Ducharme

help - it is coming

a boy stands small
beside a tunnel passersby
whisper in wolof or
french the tunnel's steps

ascend by turns light
ginger or fawn below
some call him a
god some call him

the devil the wall
behind them once read
francois duvalier eats dolly
madison pastries now maybe

doc eats paste
the boy is called mignon
i misunderstand and name
him minnow he appears

inside my brain in
november 2009 i didn't
speak latin then i
still don't wait for

me outside the rubble
and the blood i
will call for you
like a drop of

water in your ear
the first two sentences
i translated were i
cannot control where i

land and sorry about
your phone just then
i dropped it in
the sink minnow possessed

me to write this
poem in january the
last thing we said
together help - it is

coming in my visions
he was harder than
mahogany and softer than
onyx i think water

is time's most perfidious
disguise i think he
was our only god