If I were a disease "I" would
Still want to possess your body.
"I would" "still" try "to" write some books
Check my email
Regularly and "try to" send
Prompt gracious notes

With "a" little warmth at the end.
"I would" adopt "the" alien
Values that "I" assume are yours
"The" qualities
"That I" lack, refuse or misprize
In myself, yet

Desire when they present themselves
"In" feminine form. "When" Lincoln
Studied law, infuriated
By "the" dodges
"And" flourishes found "in" Blackstone's

"He" said "he" never got angry
"At" anything else "in" his life.
"He" had "to" translate each passage
Into language
"That" any intelligent child
Could understand.

"His" folksy style of expression
Came from anger. Homely phrases
"That" "were" denunciations "of"
"The" flowery
"Language" "his" contemporaries
"Were" accustomed

"To" hearing "from" politicians
"And" lawyers. "I" don't see "anger"
Nor do "I" freely give "any"
Human being
"The" power "to" make me feel bad
For not "being"

Cool. Though no one lives who does "not"
"Feel" "the" attractions "of" coolness
"When" "I" pretend "not" "to" "feel" them
"I" am only
Trying "to" emulate "them." But
"I" might prefer

"A" different sensation. "If"
"I am" "a disease," what "are" "my"
Symptoms? Sore throat, fever "in" waves
"Each" wave followed
"By" "a" dizzy feeling as "though"
"You" "are" going

"To" faint "but" "you" "don't," seeing spots
Vibrating like insect bodies
On pale surfaces, nausea
"And" vomiting
("You are" elegant "in" all things
"In" spitting up

"A" bellyful "of" food, forsooth!)
"And" trembling "are" signs "that" "you are"
Suffering "from" "me." "You" "only"
"Could" have acquired
It "by" extended transmission.
"The" germ needed

"To" flow "into" "you" "at" constant
Levels "for" "a" period "of"
Several weeks "in" "cool" weather
"That" is how "you"
Catch "me." "To" conclude, "I would" "give"
"A" new value

"To" money, "and" temper longing
"With" fear, since, "if I am" honest
"I am" more afraid "of" "longing."
"My" fantastic
Notion "is" "to" "have" "a" friendly

"With" "you," because we "do" "not" "have"
Friendship "in" common. Our jobs (school
"And" sickness) pay "in" units "of"
Time "not" "money."
"What" "do" "we" "have" "in common"? Four
Hours together.