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He absorbed his twin in the womb. All that was left of his brother now was an underdeveloped lung, some hair, in a lump underneath his armpit.

            Piure over rice

            1 lb fresh piure
            ½ onion, chopped
            1 bell pepper, diced
            1 carrot, diced
            1 tomato, diced
            1 clove of garlic
            ¾ cup rice
            ¼ cup white wine

The hardest part of preparing piure is breaking open the hard rocky exterior to get to the flesh inside. A carpenterís saw is often best to pry open the skull to reach the soft entrails of the creature, but I have seen a machete used to equal effect.

He told me that he had spent a year looking at these things under a microscope, taking samples from the mass, taking stock of which organ tissues were present. Early medical science treats these masses as prime medical curiosities. The lumps they excised looked like undeveloped fetuses. Teraton. Itís the greek word for monster. He knew all about them, teratomas.
He said, you know whatís interesting? If you find brain matter in one of these things, it is always a sign that it is malignant.
The revenge of the twin, I said to him. It sounds like a movie.

Piure. Scientific name: pyura chilensis. You can watch people joyously hacking away at them in videos, exposing their surprisingly fleshy exteriors. The audience oos and aahs. Which of these rocks have meat in them? Look and see. Iíve littered examples a-z along the beach, their soggy juices, leaking water maybe, but I hear their blood is clear.
Chopping with gusto at a nub, exposing with bright red do you see it? Even the gravel now has a heart to eat. Stick your fingers into one of its many hidden compartments, and pry out red fleshy bits. Little kidneys. Tonsils.

The proper treatment for a teratoma is removal. It doesnít belong there.

Once prepared, the piure is fried with the rest of the vegetables. Simmer the rice in 2 cups of water for twenty minutes. Once the rice is cooked, add the white wine. Serve with cilantro and lime.