Manifesto: The Underwear Bomber on Violence in Los Angeles

Marcus Civin & Saehee Cho

A collaboration between Marcus Civin and Saehee Cho, performed as part of Meighth Day at LA><Art in Los Angels, May 8, 2010, a launch for the journal, Area Sneaks, edited by Joseph Mosconi and Rita Gonzalez, and a performance program on a stage set by Scoli Acosta, The Pentagonal Monochrome (tambourine).

While Saehee performed the following text, Marcus, in a dirty white suit, opened a suitcase (gold inside) summoned Orgone Matter, the material actualization of the accumulated energy of the assembled crowd, in crystal form, transferred the crystals between bottles, weighed himself on a wobbly scale, put on blue-glowing goggles, blew up his clown nose, threw out tea bag incendiaries that he had previously taped to his stomach, counted down, recited the alphabet, clapped his hands together, clapped his hands against his crotch, and ingested a big blue mouthful of Orgone Matter.

November 2nd, 2008, I believe I knew... Here comes John Onses, jazz pianist, and this SUV, here it comes dipping into the crosswalk, Hollywood Boulevard... Onses shouts and strikes the vehicle's hood. Jassy gets out of the vehicle. Jassy, a Swiss rapper in Los Angeles.

I come forward, here it comes. My dinner jacket for gigs at the club. I, blood on my dinner jacket, Jassy on the ground, get into the vehicle, drive over Jassy. I am gaining weight, but you are bloated, self-righteous; you are in my way.

Punch Onses in the head, kick Onses, drive over Onses' wounded body. I attack. I believe in surging. All my life I have wanted to have claws in the air.

[Pause. Marcus and Saehee make eye contact.]

This body is the body that is nothing but dumb muscle, thudding rhythmically against a sliding glass door. This is the body that is all momentum. Do not pause, or hesitate, or digest anything but the friction of a sedimentary tissue, the sliding of bone into cavity, the push of cellular matter from one extremity to the other.

This is the arrowed body with its sleeked path, its relentless aim, nothing but aim, all aim but no intention. See this body? It is of clunky form but it will jostle into a particular kind of precision.

Let the head grow thick and foamy, dribbling over all of the body's parts. The head is soapy, a mild effervescence. It only lubricates the way.

[Pause. Marcus and Saehee make eye contact.]

On that same site, I believe, a series of killings. Since August 9, 1980, Burbank, this blistered head left in this van, Jack Robert Murray, country singer. The caller at the switchboard says: Jack was my other boyfriend.

Since June 13, 1980, Los Angeles, because Angelo Marano of Huntington Beach identifies these dead girls as his daughter, Gina, and stepdaughter Cynthia Chandler. The same day, a caller who implicates her boyfriend in these killings: Because we washed our car, inside and out. I was so excited.

[Pause. Marcus and Saehee make eye contact.]

This is what I look like to myself: impasto brush strokes over internet printouts, blue center, yellow ring, blue ring... I am the parts of the four faces above, faces painted like the crags of corrugated cardboard—these encased lips and nostrils, rings under all the eyes.

US Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday: Oh, US Investigators are reviewing a videotape of the accused Underwear Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. A video tape: Abdulmutallab apparently receiving weapons training before he allegedly tried to blow up a US airliner. On Christmas Day, Abdulmutallab tried to blow up a US commercial flight from Amsterdam to Detroit with a bomb hidden in his underwear.

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"out of a system declaring
nothing out of relevance"

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