Oh the atmosphere. I could feel you in me thinking about when am I thinking about the atmosphere on your back is that someone and that the spraying songís sunlight is dizzy inside me or that the groups are formed in groups are formed in colors are forming the frost forms the frost around bending over and over another brother I canít hear you but I can think about how I know now how I know how you how I know but one of us knows how how wow now that youíre standing there youíre standing in this quietly lighting blank standing there. I donít believe I know you anything in this quiet light that outside there are groups of them forming like shadows I know this isnít going anywhere beyond shoulders canít even believe thinking about how not now but anywhere choking on I couldnít believe you believe in all of you but still theyíre sitting on a plot of starsí surging around in it I can feel you surging sound around I am here today. Iím experiencing believing in the inside of me outside of me the clouds are shrinking. And then there are times when inside there are broken colorful forms reading around the ashes in that then everything occurs or returns to you how out all this strange looks to me while I canít even wonder canít even mouth out about this about this structure wonder about everything as it is.


[out of nothing]
"out of a system declaring
nothing out of relevance"

aestas 2011

I asked you a weird question about silence and you didnít think it was weird at all about now silence didnít think it was weird or anything. Maybe you could see them or wouldnít know how I could see anything here are the faces have multiplied and out there I know now everything never expected to know everything as in why we are what we are here seeing outside the light as a white night of grey matter the way that asking suggests something like walking to the shore without shorts on top of everything I know why I want forever with you I see it so clearly like raining on a Sunday splashing to the ground I see you standing on a mountain side near oak trees and the sky oh that the skyís image obscured by the word oh that the sky is here.

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