Frankie Drayus: "Fable with at least two endings"

Though I sang in my chains like the sea
they would not unchain me; the pleading was too beautiful; people had driven for hundreds of miles, were tailgating in their cars with ice cold beer and potato chips. Enterprising individuals snapped photos and sold them on e-bay. Some brought recording devices and some said: if she were not incarcerated we would give her a two-record deal.

Steal me then but please steal me away.

If I were metaphor not simile I would not be contained. I would be the container and boy would they be sorry. Or the simile would shift one link over and the legend would go like this: O the disaster: she washed over them with no mercy; there was no time; babies drowned with their parents in Dodge Darts and Oldsmobile Cutlasses; barbecue potato chips floated on the rising tide before breaking into little pieces and being consumed by local fish. They tried to stop her but resisting was as useless as trying to chain the sea.

This is when I would begin to sing.

Note: “Though I sang in my chains like the sea” is the last line of “Fern Hill” by Dylan Thomas.

Mandelstam circling St. Petersburg, because there is no key, White Center, 1957, horizon line, precipice