T	R	I        L      L   I   O N         A   I   R   S


	in the trees as you	
	a variety	
	all of this
	of birds		
	water is around		
	soaring a magnet 
	for birds	and their
	songs often appears at their peak   
	and like the fish come the noise 
	passing wings of home to songs of device
	of time the go to the the the birds
	epic in hedge country country the
	scope within cricket white sounds
	and feel their like noise of the
	epic as if hedge frog is sleeping machine
	they’re the river sleeping pills ssss, gee-
	pulled and these waterfall
	from birds drugs crickets from the ssss
	wings swim and white

a warm in a the of 
color and home
quilt hurry breeze 
in by house 
hold feeling swimming 
from the trees 
and dragging 
the birds
in sound of river 
the bird singing wood
a bird and
the fish waterfall 
into a the 
song cinder
coming riot of sound of
back to fall turns color a breeze and a variety
throw the and in the home- of
bottom below trees and away- species
the song of the on the the river from- and bird
of birds sound of river sea

	songs wood below it is to listen that we
	and ash cabin the parks beautiful to the
	when the birds
	it is where beautiful leaves the
	tradition you feel views change can be 
	all not so cacophony called a hidden
tradition nigh wild bird we loved beautiful in the
all songs watching love cabin
bird the birds song of
river song in we love wild the cabin
beneath the river being bird is here beautiful

	the chirping the cabin same log or white the 
	tradition of birds calls to cabin mantle little
	& not so us and of snow streams
	tradition waking we take to be of light
	all up to a our way wakened birds
	blanket through by bird find cabin
	but if I of white the songs haven darkens
	have to birds narrow to stay
	get a life and seasonal cabin
	bird snow fall live in rush of lights discover
	leaves that the dimmed the

hidden these outside like to be D-bird
secrets birds the your waterfall back calls
other windows there
listen to animals forever the trail
bird lodged in rushing in a log is wide
songs smell the the streams home paralleling
visit a fresh air seasonal rain a
local and village in wind birds gorgeous
stream fragrant woodland etcetera forest seasonal
songs of the cabins and rush of
hear the birds always woodland the
birds longed stream

	like a scent of return the of the there are
	waterfall a bird on a house water many
	village singing wide was mostly other
	and outside range of beautiful woods 
	pristine the birds log cabin lakes and and 
	mountain window singing fire streams 
within a
in stream burning and the beautiful sparkling short
longing wild forest flowers water distance
for fresh wind and for & birds the we often
air and rain is forest peaceful sound of wonder
smell the always birds sounds song if it’s the
good such as birds songs

	feeders flowers sound of of birds strange 
spend a
	and and quiet stream ways family
	flowers beautiful a the we are a vacation
	pristine log cabin favorite sanctuary feeder 
of creaking
	mountain fire project is yelled and the song 
in the
	snares are forest the log taking in popular 
	wild lake cabin
	carbonated works of by
	a birds water the end water the stream
	while eastern lakes and flowers on the
	burning blue bird rivers of the trail at
	the sound in many trees the falls
	the song other

in the way to bird soon listening flanked
woods the songs songs after the to the by two
in the close to family tracks hundred streams
scenic the forests were laids of
forest beautiful crackle their different
the very forest learn to peak bird
fragile environment showing off songs that fill
meant listening birds by a wide
the air the air

	to their variety cabins stream
	melody song of bird stand on
	on the us wild aridge

the bobbing community the draft
	and look flying up
	unique along
	ication only in any from the
	lodging trees and and found in direction 
	the shrubs together pristine birding 
	liquid the ness clear- around from the
	trill stream in the flowing
	the cabin bought them
	brightly edge wilderness streams wildlife of 
	colored adorns the trees without lake
	plumage the trees 
	the cabin sing looking young
	the first as a was built the tide at a like a
	canyon museum unique started variety 
	of bird to fall of birds

impress birds the local singing to
do with and is bird up stream mitigate
know led generally sounds and the the
gen.water slowly still of chamber sound of
as that sailed the night is the bird
walking feeds the
we yearn opposite another
house increases pools
to hear the ripple
the hit by a birds mouth
within northern
magnetic bird songs of walking stream
years larger hopping nearby distance the
and their and places in of the sound of
songs of the cabins the river

	and the dripping
	the struck
	waking streams
	springs   y
	the cabin
	up to all springs
	the only seabirds began to the wind
	the bird seeps piece of and feed danced
	sounds waterfall dancing wildlife our 
animals and birds rich cabin the trees
and lake and images was wake up
birds call streams wildlife from perfect call to
the wind and our abound flooding found the river
among cabin fall in the the and all
the trees was the pictures sound the birds
perfect witness witnessing

	just but the the for the present the
	animal best part evening quiet of the mouth
	tracks is to song night in cabin liquid
	and bird simply birds a cabin the vast bright
	songs relax clear north plumage
	on a pool design of the color
	stream hear the desert decorate
	with a fly cabins to pristine was built the
	fell in to the the birds tidal as a bird bushes

knowledge sounds singing stream stream along the
bird their feet light and edge of
watching that long breeze opposite

the peeped their to wild have listen to

canyon into the songs birds diverted hundred

the site cabin soon to other the S of
near a

the two
see the birds stream song of

ripple streams ridge 
hopping to a new different

trees and enter the 

and pond birds
		the next his great singing
		below a wide unique available
		wings around this one array of
		trill of slowly melodic the cabin
		any wildlife the first sailed us
		hearing direction and
		jump away up
		looks without birds
		stream of birds
		they seeing sing

T	R	I        L      L   I   O N         A   I   R   S


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