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1. Anthony Seidman: 4 Poems
to secrete a thread of blood.  Viscous and pinky-thick, it slowly winds out of his ear until it reaches the black leather of his jacket.  I look over my shoulder; the barmaid is nowhere to be seen, and the two men who were drinking have
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/seidman.html - 11.5kb

2. Will Alexander: from "General Scatterings and Comment"
remains, no fumes from the blood, no particular stage from which thought is advanced by means of sonnets of darkness. I'm speaking here of extended powers evolved from interior nutation, from growth as subtle ambuletic, such energy being sigil as
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/alexander.html - 8.8kb

3. Jason Zuzga: "Documents Five, Seven & Eight"
pulled free a dad threads a blood red wing and casts words back there to make a tune it is okay to write in turn to dead selves they den us in loam fragrant with movement Document 7 To you at twelve, to you at ninety one to me I mean
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/zuzga.html - 10.1kb

4. Frankie Drayus: "Objectify"
drops of blood could be the pains of love ii. What kind of baptism Agent or object Immerser or immersed iii. What did I ever do to you That you should consign me to Immortality— iv. She says she is
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/drayus-objectify.html - 6.9kb

5. Marcus Civin and Saehee Cho: "Manifesto: The Underwear Bomber on Violence in...
for gigs at the club. I, blood on my dinner jacket, Jassy on the ground, get into the vehicle, drive over Jassy. I am gaining weight, but you are bloated, self-righteous; you are in my way. Punch Onses in the head, kick Onses, drive over
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/civin-cho.html - 12.2kb

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