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1. Joshua Ware: from "Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley": "Inaudible Crossi...
in fact, the "history of the world cannot pass a last judgment. It is made out of judged judgments," then how do both silences pass into "history of the world"? [edit ] References ^ Earlier in the same essay, and in contradistinction to his
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2. About - Submissions Guidelines - Contributors - Contents | [out of nothing] ...
Markup Software the world is just for me only ). 4.9 Production Use . The Product may only be used for development purposes as described in this
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/colophon.html - 73.9kb

3. Corey Zeller: "Even If Punctuation Is Becoming A Dead Language"
a searchlight. for a world. where everything is made. with a lock. you imagine. the makers of this world. are searching for. a way. to make a lock inside a lock. and a lock inside
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/zeller.html - 28.4kb

4. Amanda Ackerman: 4 poems from "Savage Flora"
the iris. A fine thing in a world run waste. Then the irises took the form of a man, a king to be specific. He was kicking stones into trays of wealth. Feeling this was pointless, he began journeying far from his bright native city. Going out
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/ackerman.html - 9.4kb

5. Joshua Ware: from "Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley": "Sun-Down Again"
relation to the natural world. The poets wrote many computer programs with Ruby that manipulate XML versions of Walt Whitman’s texts. The below program, for example, tokenizes a file containing a specific text: doc =
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/ware-sundown.html - 34.3kb

6. Felipe Martinez: from "Grand Sertão: Veredas" by João Guimar&a...
convenience dirty the whole world? And hawk, crow, some of them the features already represent the accuracy of forward slash, tear and shred the bill, it seems a very sharp bounce by evil desire. Everything. Pies have up races stones, ugly,
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/martinez.html - 10.7kb

7. Veronica Gonzalez: "Julia" (from "The Sad Passions")
often looked out on the world with mouth agape, with stone blank eyes. Her father was a man for whom daughter figures could become contorted, whose daughter was warped and distorted. She was a girl who turned into a woman who would beg for
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/gonzalez.html - 24.2kb

8. Joshua Ware: from "Homage to Homage to Homage to Creeley": "'[un]identifiabl...
not just within the natural world, but in the realm of artifice as well. In an essay on Deleuzian aesthetics, the poets once wrote: Aquarelle maelstrom. "To conceive of a Deleuzian aesthetic solely as a de jure smooth, nomadic,
http://www.outofnothing.org/711/ware-originpatterns.html - 28.5kb

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