Document 8

Thrilling bromeliads crest wood fiddled like folding lava.
Juncos dolphin through the mangroves, tulips parrot out of snow.
I will write you a letter about the sloth orphanage, about
The words that the apricot macaques attempted with their mouths.
I will tell you about the moth that landed lightly on my tooth
When I yawned and my jaw grew sore until I decided to push
It out with exhalation and touch of tongue. I will make these feathers
Live for you, for you to crawl into and turn on the gas heat, fly impossible hats
In a warble with a warbler waiting for your distinct timbre.
I can distill a tincture of your tears, I can make a perfume from your
Secret snore. I can do all these things in the jungle at the pole
And make one perfect sugar stick, translucence and transparence
Twirled in glass color ribbon, held to the light, dark in mouth:
Scissor word this from a printed fiber paper of this and
Let the ink dissolve under your shadow, tongue like a pink snowball
Held by a mammal hand inside an aluminum house or in the woods.
Delete the word this from a lit document of this poem, find a way
To make this disappear no matter how and where you find yourself.
Place this in the water. Burn this on a pyre of scrap macaques,
Jangled and car blown, the through-line will connect to another route,
Whether you be tar, electric, made of light or pheromone spat thru tube.