[out of nothing] is an electronic publication featuring new works in image, sound, text and the digital arts, as well as works located at the intersections between these media.

[out of nothing] is published in online installments, on an irregular but roughly quarterly seasonal basis that nevertheless remains chronically TBD. Each issue is theme-based, and is introduced by a special M.C.; or, emcee.

[out of nothing] is edited by Janice Lee, Eric Lindley & Joe Milazzo.

Email: shelling [dot] peanuts [at] gmail [dot] com


Prospective contributors would be well-advised to consult our earlier publications at http://www.outofnothing.org as a guide to the type of work we're interested in: to supplement this understanding and ideally stimulate your thinking about a new piece made particularly to address the issues that consume, or rather, are consumed by us, we offer the following potential topics:

  • the vacuum
  • salvage / remainders
  • imaginary spaces possessed of imaginary dimensions
  • darkness / lightlessness
  • reduced or infinitesimal means
  • the exponential
  • self-abnegating symbols
  • the blank
  • obliteration
  • the inconsequential
  • refusal
  • the contentless / general contentlessness
  • the generic and / or undifferentiated and / or the contra-original
  • adhesive agents in search of clients to bind
  • none of the above or below

A Few Things You Might Care To Know Before Submitting

  • Unfortunately, we cannot at this time offer any monetary compensation for accepted work.
  • We acquire serial rights in North America and only consider previously unpublished work (online or print). We ask that you credit [out of nothing] as the first place of publication.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay but we kindly request immediate notification if the piece is picked up by another publisher.
  • We'd also like to be able republish pieces in future print anthologies, issues, etc., based on the writer/artists's consent, and under terms to be negotiated.
  • We fully support Creative Commons licensing for any or all of the work we publish. Should you wish to include a CC licensing agreement with your piece / pieces, please provide the desired terms. We can then work together to ensure proper registration of your work.
  • There is no word limit on submissions. We accept all standard file formats but we prefer compressed files (mpeg, jpeg, etc) for initial evaluation. We will ask for originals/high resolution files upon acceptance. (No .docx files please. We're still in the MS Office Stone Age.) Submitters should bear in mind that ours is a web publication and that issues of storage and bandwidth always apply. We will verify all formatting, etc. upon acceptance.
  • We are international, just like pancakes, and accept submissions from all parts of the world. Works in translation are also accepted.
  • We accept electronic submissions only. Please send your work to us at: shelling dot peanuts at gmail dot com.
  • We prefer submissions in the form of email attachments. Please include your name (first and last) in the file name of the attachment in your message. Please include multiple submissions in a single file with a cover page detailing the contents of your submission.
  • When submitting, please include the following information, in the following format, in your subject heading: [Lastname.Nothing].
  • Submissions may be accompanied by a 50-100 biographical note, either attached or pasted in the body of your message.
  • All submissions will all be reviewed by at least 3 readers.
  • Please allow 3 - 6 months response time.

Eds., [out of nothing]

NOTE: We are currently at work on our first print issue, #0: "theoretical perspectives on the substance preceding [nothing]," expected to be available winter of 2010/2011. Though we accept submissions year-round, please note that with our current project load, submissions will not be considered until mid-2011 for issue #5.